Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Applications Due
September 30th, 2024

Dulce Madrid

COVID-19 Information


COVID-19 Information

Although there have been a number of changes in safety protocols limiting in-person care, our fellowship has maintained all rotations and educational activities for both years of training. Starting July 2022, lectures have been in-person, although our program remains flexible. There are no plans to redeploy fellows either within Psychiatry or to non-Psychiatry settings. We are fortunate to be at a premier medical center where state-of-the-art COVID-19 safety protocols and medical care have been implemented and where the health and safety of our housestaff are prioritized. For more information, please visit UCLA Health COVID-19 Information page.

Consults in the Emergency Department, during the day and on-call, and on the pediatric inpatient wards have returned to in-person.

Direct patient care sessions with children and adolescents on the inpatient and partial hospital programs have been in-person, with all parent contacts and staff rounds conducted via telehealth.

Fortunately, the UCLA Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Division had existing telehealth expertise prior to COVID-19 and was able to quickly transition all outpatient visits to telehealth during the pandemic. Our clinics have now returned to in-person with the capacity for virtual encounters.

In line with AAMC and AADPRT guidelines, we will continue to offer virtual interviews this recruitment season with our faculty, program directors, and with at least one of our program chief fellows. There will also be opportunities to talk candidly with current fellows. To maintain an equitable recruitment season, we will not be offering any in-person meetings with applicants, including with UCLA and local residents. We will continue to practice holistic review as outlined by the AAMC.