Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Applications Due
September 30th, 2023

Dulce Madrid

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Mahta Baghoolizadeh, MD
Faculty, UCI 

Juliet Edgcomb, MD, PhD
Faculty, UCLA

Jenny Nguyen, MD
Faculty, UCLA

Ewurama Sackey, MD
Medical Director of Maternal-Infant Toddler Mental Health at Allegheny Health Network

Trevor Shaddox, MD, PhD
Private Practice

Brittany Tarrant, MD
Faculty, USC

Ivana Viani, MD
Private Practice

Karina España, MD
Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship at OHSU

Ed Castelo
Faculty, Harbor-UCLA CAP Division

Stephanie Han
Attending Child Psychiatrist at the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Services (Orange County)

Sneha Venkatraman
Faculty, USC CAP Division

Zachary Schwab
Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Marin Health Medical Center (Affiliate of UCSF)

Manal Khan
Faculty, UCLA CAP Division

Kunmi Sobowale
Faculty, UCLA CAP Division


Greg Barnett, MD
Faculty, UCLA CAP Division

Laura Halpin, MD, PhD
Kaiser Permanente

Nikhil Nadkarni, MD
Private Practice

Ismatt Niazi, MD
Private Group Practice (Adelpha)

Marian Rain, MD
Private Practice

Hendrick Soh, MD
Community & Private Practice

Emily Wood, MD, PhD
DMH/ Juvenile Justice

Elizabeth Dohrmann, MD
DMH/ Juvenile Justice/ Co-Lead CGCP AOD, UCLA CAP Division

Jude McElroy MD, PhD
DMH-Exodus Urgent Care Center

Sabrina Reed, MD
Faculty, USC, College Mental Health

Sameera Siddiqi, MD
UC Berkeley College Mental Health

Glenna Smith, MD
Private Group Practice (Adelpha); UCLA Max Gray Fellow

Zara Szeftel, MD
UCSF, Asst Clinical Prof, Children’s Hospital

Kathryn Weaver, MD
Private Group Practice (LifeStance Health)

Tarik Hadzic, MD, PhD
Private Practice

Katherine Kerr, MD
Faculty, USC

Karen Lai, MD, MPH
Community Practice

Rachel Miriani, MD, MS
Private Group Practice (Crossroads)

Siddarth Puri, MD
Addiction Fellowship; Faculty, USC

Anjali Varigonda, MD
UCLA Counseling & Psychological Services (college mental health)

Amy Woods, MD
Faculty, UCLA-Drew Medical Center

Aaron Besterman, MD
Faculty, Assistant Professor, UCSD

Mary Gable, MD, MBA, MPH, MA
Forensic Fellowship; Private Practice

Nathaniel Ginder, MD,PHD
UCLA TMS Clinical & Research Service

Rupinder Legha, MD
Volunteer Faculty, UCLA; Private Practice

Erik Paschall, MD, MPH
Private Practice

Lavanya Wusirika, MD
Children’s Hospital Orange County Inpatient

Cassidy Zanko, MD
Faculty, UCLA-VA Residency Associate Program Director

Azeesat Babajide, MD, MBA
Faculty, Baylor College of Medicine

Artha Gillis, MD, PhD
Faculty, UCLA CAP Division

Scott Hunter,MD, MHS
Addiction Fellowship; DMH Juveile Justice, Volunteer Faculty, UCLA

Natalia Ramos, MD, MPH
Faculty, UCLA Division of Population Behavioral Health

Misty Richards, MD, MS
UCLA CAP Fellowship Program Director; Faculty, UCLA Division of CAP

Thomas Suberman, MD
Private Practice

Kara Tabor-Furmark, MD
Private Group Practice (Adelpha); UCLA Max Gray Fellow