Purple Book

First and second year didactics are curated for us with our constant feedback. All lectures are
required. Factoring in vacation time, conferences, sick days, and other factors that come up, the
expectation is a minimum of 70% attendance. All lectures are planned to be in-person, unless a
special exception is made or online lectures are needed for health/safety reasons. If any lectures
are delivered via Zoom, it is expected that you attend with your video turned on. Lecture
feedback from fellows is compiled and delivered anonymously via MedHub or via paper
evaluations following the lecture.

First Year Lectures:
When: Thursdays, 8:00AM – 11:20AM (3 lectures, with brief breaks in between)
Where: C8-177 Conference Room (C-level in Semel).

Second Year Lectures:
When: Fridays, 9AM – 12PM (Substance Use Disorder Seminar followed by 2 lectures with
breaks in between)
Where: 17-364 Conference Room (1st Floor in Semel).
Feel free to direct feedback regarding didactics to the chiefs or your curriculum committee