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As a second-year fellow you will rotate through various outpatient clinical experiences. Details and contact information are listed below.


Outpatient Clinic General Contacts

  • UCLA Outpatient Clinic Access Line: 310-825-9989
  • Child Outpatient Clinic Front Desk: 310-825-9933 or 310-825-9561
  • Denise Babin: (outpt clinic administrator) x58831, dbabin@mednet.ucla.edu


Scheduling Tips:

  • Patients should call ACCESS at 1-310-825-9989 (x59989) to schedule appointments
  • For those clinics with coordinators, you can ask patients to contact them directly or you can email the coordinators about scheduling changes
  • If there are any issues, contact Denise Babin


UCLA Child OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders program

  • Time: Mondays, 1pm-6pm
  • Location: 300 Medical Plaza, Rm 1208
  • Attendings: John Piacentini, PhD, James McCracken, MD, Emily Ricketts, PhD, Julia Cox, PhD, Juliet Edgcomb, MD, PhD
  • Coordinator: Valerie Swisher, vswisher@mednet.ucla.edu, x72633
  • Brief description: Medication and CBT therapy clinic, 90 minute intakes, 45 minute therapy visits; occasionally includes med backup visits for patients


Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program (CHAMP)

  • Time: Mondays, 12pm-6pm
  • Location: Semel A floor
  • Coordinator: Georga Fleming, gmorganfleming@mednet.ucla.edu; Jake Eggena, jeggena@mednet.ucla.edu
  • Attendings: David Miklowitz, PhD; Patty Walshaw, PhD; Alissa Ellis, PhD; Sarah Marvin, PhD; Robert Suddath, MD; Angus Strachan, PhD; Elizabeth Horstmann, MD
  • Brief description: KSADS evaluations (1.5 hours x 3 visits), medication consults and evaluations (for those patients already in clinic), Family-focused therapy clinic in the afternoon (45-60 minute sessions)


Stress Trauma and Resilience Clinic (STAR)

  • Time: Tuesdays, 12:30pm-5pm
  • Location: Semel A floor
  • Coordinator: Ana Mendoza, aamendoza@mednet.ucla.edu
  • Attendings: Natalia Ramos, MD, Catherine Mogil, PsyD, Blanca Orellana, PhD, Nastassia Hajal, PhD, Jessica Jeffrey, MD, MPH, MBA, Alex Kelman, PhD, Lauren Marlotte, PsyD, Jessica O’Leary, PhD, Janine Shelby, PhD, Trish Tan, PhD, Patricia Lester, MD
  • Brief description: Provides evaluation and consultation for patient and families affected by trauma.


Behavioral Health Associates (BHA)

  • Time: Mondays, 9am-12pm
  • Location: 11318 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Coordinator: Jessica Padilla, jjpadilla@mednet.ucla.edu
  • Attendings: Jessica Jeffrey, MD, jjeffrey@mednet.ucla.edu
  • Brief description: Psychiatry embedded within UCLA pediatrics clinic, rotation includes didactics, intakes, and follow up visits


Pediatric Psychopharmacology Clinic (PPC)

  • Time: Wednesdays, 12:30PM-4:30PM
  • Location: 300 Medical Plaza, Rm 1208
  • Attendings: Jim McGough, MD, Bonnie Zima, MD, MPH, Melita Daley, MD, Jenny Nguyen, MD, Misty Richards, MD, MS
  • Coordinator: There usually is someone assigned to scheduling for PPC – please check at the start of your rotation as to who this is. Have patients call ACCESS to schedule appointments (1-310-825-9989). Denise Babin and Leslie Melgar-Mendez (info above) can be contacted if there are issues with scheduling.
  • Brief description: Journal club (12:30-1:15PM), Medication clinic (from 1:15PM-4:30PM, 90 minute intakes, 30 minute follow-ups)
  • NOTE: Appropriate patients include those who have been screened by Melissa Del’Homme, PhD or relatively stable patient transfers from other clinics. Patients must have an outpatient therapist whom they are seeing on a consistent basis to be considered appropriate for this medication-only clinic. Dr. McGough is the contact for patients you would like to refer to PPC.


UCLA Child and Adult Neurodevelopmental (CAN) Clinic/ Pediatric Neurology

  • Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-5pm
  • Location: 300 Medical Plaza, Rm 1208
  • Attendings: James McCracken, MD; Benjamin Schneider, MD; Amanda Gulsrud, PhD; Rujuta Wilson, MD, Derek Ott, MD, Brandon Ito, MD, Jena Chung, MD, Manal Khan, MD
  • Coordinator: Iliana Gomez, igomez@mednet.ucla.edu; x56967
  • Brief description: Medication clinic, 90 minute intakes, 30 minute follow-ups; There is a multidisciplinary meeting at the beginning of each clinic. The start time for this is typically at 12PM. After case review with the neuropsychologists, there is a 30 minute didactic each week from 1230-1PM. We start seeing patients at 1PM. We also shadow Dr. Wilson (peds neurology) and Dr. Ott once a month, for our pediatric neurology required experience.


Augustus Hawkins Community Clinic

  • Time: Thursdays, 9am-5pm
  • Location: 1720 E. 120th St. Los Angeles, CA 90059 |Park on 120th St or in the patient lot directly across from the clinic (but don’t have your badge on until you are entering the building)
  • Attendings: Kira Williams, MD (KAWilliams@dmh.lacounty.gov, office 310-668-6007, cell 310-617-9225); Vernon Rosario, MD, PhD (VRosario@dmh.lacounty.gov, 310-668-3096)
  • Coordinator: None. Patients contact the clinic/clinic attendings directly. You are in charge of scheduling your follow-ups directly.
  • Note: Drs. Williams and Rosario are unable to check county email from home, so if you’re sick/out unexpectedly or need to get in touch outside of clinic time, contact either via their personal phone.
  • Brief description: Intakes in the morning (9AM-11AM), Multidisciplinary team meeting from 11AM-noon), 60 minute follow-ups in the afternoon (1PM-4PM)



  • Time: Thursday mornings (10 sessions required)
  • Sign-ups: Go to google doc to see assignments and make changes, as needed. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ymvd8CCeQMLKTlOphRF8ApfRmQKLyTO
  • 1JqRWM9f8AQ/edit#gid=0
  • Attendings: Eraka Bath, MD (EBath@mednet.ucla.edu; Hanumantha Damerla (Hdamerla@dmh.lacounty.gov), Gia Crecilius, MD (GCrecelius@dmh.lacounty.gov), Elizabeth Dohrmann (Edohrmann@dmh.lacounty.gov), Scott Hunter (ScHunter@dmh.lacounty.gov), Praveen Kambam (Pkambam@dmh.lacounty.gov)
  • Brief Description: Ten half-days of shadowing on Thursday mornings at juvenile mental health court and at Edelman Children’s Court, with field trips to different juvenile camps and juvenile hall.
  • Locations may include:
    • Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall, 16350 Filbert Street, Sylmar, CA 91342
      • Details: Tell Probation Officer at guardhouse you are here to visit with Dr. Damerla from DMH and park in two-story lot. Meet Dr. Dohrmann by the entrance to the juvenile hall, not the court (further from guard house, closer to two-story parking lot). No open-toed shoes.
      • Contact Number: 626-975-2968 (Dr. Dohrmann)
    • Camp Vernon Kilpatrick, 427 Encinal Canyon Rd., Malibu CA 92065
      • Details: Drive all the way in and park in any open space towards the back of the parking lot. When entering the facility they are to bring only their UCLA ID and car keys. I believe that means no phones, but I will confirm that with them day of. Cell service is spotty in the mountains, but if they need to reach me on the day of:
      • Contact: Before 9 AM: (956) 342-6881
      • After 9 AM: (818) 735-2818 (CVK Nursing Station) or (818) 735-2805 (CVK DMH Supervisors)
    • Dorothy Kirby Center, 1500 S. McDowell St., Commerce, CA 90040
      • Contact: Dr. Damerla at 626-975-2968
    • Eastlake Juvenile Court House, 1605 Eastlake Ave., Los Angeles, CA90033
      • Details: Parking is available for four hours on the street near the juvenile hall for $1/hour. Meters take credit cards.
      • Contact Number: 310-770-6219 (xxx) | 323-580-4316 (Dr. Bath)
    • Edelman Children’s Court, 201 Centre Plaza Drive, Monterey Park, CA 91754
      • Details: Meet Dr. Crecilius at her office on the 5th floor in Department 425. There is parking in the lot that is $5 cash on entrance; they will validate and it will be refunded when you exit.


School Rotation

  • Description: Ten half-days on Tuesday mornings over 6 months.
  • Attendings: Ilaina Blum, MA, MFT (iblum@mednet.ucla.edu), Karin Best, PhD (kbest@mednet.ucla.edu), Melita Daley (mdaley@mednet.ucla.edu)
  • School visits to different types of educational settings
  • School consultation case discussions: at least 2 cases / fellow will be discussed and school visit planned and conducted
  • School-based mental health clinic experience seeing patients with Dr. Daley at LAUSD clinic


Family Therapy Elective

  • Description: As an elective or to fill one of your FPC required cases as a CF2, you can participate in Dr. Veronica Barenstein’s clinic once per week (on Tuesday afternoons) for six months.
  • Attending: Veronica Barenstein, PhD (vbarenstein@mednet.ucla.edu)
  • Getting started:
    • Prior to the start of rotation, contact Denise Babin to have a scheduling template created for you under the Family Therapy Clinic (Department Code 60670). Request that two time slots be added: 330-430 and 445-545 are the two time slots patients can be scheduled in this clinic.
    • Scheduling: All patients will be scheduled through Access. All patients need to be scheduled under the trainees’ names and any correspondence with Access needs to go through this email address: PsychAdmin@mednet.ucla.edu. Access will need to know the name, MRN, preferred method for the encounter (zoom, my chart, telephone, in-person, smoke signal), and what you need them to coordinate (for example, they coordinate the mychart video appts and I tend to coordinate the zoom appts). The department code is “PSY FAM COUPLE THERAPY [60670].” The bill area is “FPC” billing context (so ACCESS doesn’t bill).
  • Billing: They will be 99999’ed (no charge) and notes will be co-signed by Dr. Misty Richards once per month. Put her name on notes at least once per month. Add GC and 95 modifiers.
    • Department (aka Context): PSY FAM COUPLE THERAPY [60670]
    • Visit type: Zoom Video- Return [6083]
    • Billing provider: Misty Richards, MD

Here is a sample template for the email to send to scheduling:

“Hi there,

Re: Pt Name MRN# ***

Could you please schedule this patient for ***DATE/TIME/DURATION via zoom? The Department code is “PSY FAM COUPLE THERAPY [60670]”. Bill area is PSY FELLOW PSYCHOTHERAPY CLINIC BA [260144]. I only need help with day-of check-in, and I can coordinate getting them the Zoom link.

Thank you for your help,