Purple Book

For each patient encounter, the Department/context used is: “PSY RES FEL THERAPY [61046].” Under “Charge Capture” the billing code (level of service) is entered as “99999” and the bill area should be “PSY FELLOW PSYCHOTHERAPY CLINIC BA [260144].” These completed encounters will be monitored to ensure compliance.

Fellows must log all supervision meetings with both supervisors and submit the log to the FPC Program Coordinator (Mayra Guzman) every quarter. (The log will be provided by the Coordinator at the start of each year.) If the charge encounters and logs are delinquent more than 2 weeks, the session will not count toward the FPC requirement to graduate and may need to be made up. Fellows that continue to remain out of compliance beyond two weeks may face additional disciplinary action.

To Do List:

  1. Contact the patient/family to perform a brief assessment over the phone. Gather preliminary clinical information: DOB, psychiatric and medical diagnoses, main clinical concerns, and goals of therapy
  2. Staff with internal supervisor to determine suitability for FPC
  3. If patient is appropriate for FPC, the following forms must be submitted to the FPC Program Coordinator (Mayra Guzman):
    • FPC Attending Approval Form – signed by the internal supervisor
    • Declaration of Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities – signed by patient
    • Outpatient Terms and Conditions of Services – signed by patient
  4. Schedule the patient for regular, weekly appointments
    • Email ACCESS (Psychcore@mednet.ucla.edu): weekly meeting time/day, patient DOB, contact information
    • Notify ACCESS for any cancellations, no shows, or if the recurring visit day/time changes
    • You will manage your own one-time rescheduling in Care Connect (if it occurs)
  5. Complete notes within 24 hours using the appropriate template (.FPCINTAKE, .FPCPROGNOTE)
    • Send at least one note per month to the internal supervisor for co-signature
  6. Use the appropriate Dept. context, billing area, and billing code
  7. Submit supervision log to the FPC Program Coordinator every quarter