Purple Book

Evaluations fall into 2 general categories: those completed by us and those completed about us.

Evaluations By Us

  • Medhub lecture evaluations weekly during didactics (count towards attendance and providing lecturer feed-back), sent via Medhub
  • Medhub faculty evaluations following each rotation (not visible to them until the end of the year. Faculty get all of the evaluations anonymously compiled at the end of the year, and provided in aggregate).
  • UCLA GME online program evaluation annually (internal, local)
  • ACGME online program evaluation annually (external, national)

Evaluations Of Us:

  • On each rotation supervising attendings are encouraged to give us real-time feedback regarding our strengths and areas for improvement, with formal oral feedback at the end of the rotation.
  • Supervising attendings submit written evaluations on Medhub at the end of our rotations, which are available for our review online
  • Mid-year and end-of-year in-person feedback takes place with Drs. Richards or Khan, following in-person faculty review of each fellow’s performance.