Purple Book


Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital:

150 UCLA Medical Plaza, LA, CA 90095


Ronald Reagan Medical Center:

757 Westwood Plaza, LA, CA 90095



UCLA Extensions:

Campus Telephone Services (CTS) offers five-digit, campus-to-campus dialing to telephone numbers using these prefixes. From a UCLA number using one of these prefixes, do NOT dial the first two numbers of the prefix. For example, to reach (310) 825-4321, dial only 54321. Extended Campus Service telephone numbers are considered on-campus and are dialed from campus using only the five-digit extension. From off campus, use the table below to convert the five-digit number to a complete seven-digit number.


On-Campus     Off-Campus 1xxxx                441-xxxx

2xxxx               312-xxxx

3xxxx               983-xxxx

4xxxx               794-xxxx

5xxxx               825-xxxx

6xxxx               206-xxxx

7xxxx               267-xxxx

9xxxx               319-xxxx


  • For outside line: Press 8 + number
  • For long distance x66766 and ask to place outside call



Important Contacts:

  • UCLA Code Blue: #36
  • UCLA Rapid Response: x77480
  • Security: x77100

–     PET or PMRT: 1-800-854-7771

  • Operator: Press “0”


ED Contacts:

Phone Pager Fax Information
On-Call pager (night and weekend) 95722 To reach R3 who doles out consults
Child C/L (day) 97801
Nursing OD x79179 95734 For bed assignments
Psych ER Office x79071 310-267-3887 To contact Psych SW or NPs
Central ER Nursing station x78407 To reach RN or resident for your ER patient
ER SW on call (nights and weekends) 97777 To let SW know about patients for board and transfer
Risk management x43138 98516
Legal Department x43500
Lab x78100


4W NPH Contacts

  • Emergency STAT: #36
  • Security Dispatch: x77100
Phone Pager Fax Information
NPH pharmacy x77425

x77421 (on weekends and evenings)

Excellent resource for any med questions
B-level pharmacy

–M-F 8am-7pm

–Sa/Sun/holidays 8am-1pm and 2-5pm

x78524 x78531 In Ronald Reagan. For discharge medications
4W Unit A x77373 310-267-3774
4W Unit B x77377 310-267-3617


Inpatient Personnel

  • Artha Gillis, MD, PhD (Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Inpatient Medical Director), p30820
  • Krista Tabuenca, PhD (attending psychologist), p36996
  • Colleen McCord, LCSW: x79196, p34982
  • Katie Kephart LCSW: x79193, p95598
  • Katrina Fisher, ACSW x79194, p95317
  • Christopher Mann, MSW: x79197, 95611
  • Jackie Agboke, LCSW: x79190, p90395
  • Noor-Hoda Hakimjavadi MS, RDN, (Dietician): p95599
  • Ilaina Blum, MEd (Educational Consultant), x79170
  • Nursing Supervisor: Lorraine Garcia-Teague, x79176
  • Diane Oran MN, RN, CNS-BC, NP-BC (Clinical Nurse Specialist) x79160, p99516
  • Utilization review:
    • x79171 (Miranda Daniel – supervisor)
    • Lori Salinas x79094
    • Paul Pellegrin x79096
  • Pediatric Consult: Call page operator and ask for “Pediatric Hospitalist on consults”
  • Physical Exam room code on 4W: 98725


Adolescent Partial Hospital Program (APHP) (300 MP, 1st floor):

  • Front Office: x33271
  • Robert Suddath, MD (Medical Director), p22150
  • Jennifer Humphrey, LCSW (social worker/therapist), x54727, p94986


ABC Program (Semel, 7th foor): Young Child Partial Hospitalization Program, ages 6-12


Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program (Semel, 7th floor):



Pediatric Consult Liaison Psychiatry:

  • Jena Lee Chung, MD (Medical Director), p34054
  • Natacha Emerson, PhD (Clinical Director), p33607
  • Child Life Consult: x79440