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Gotta make that money! We get it. In addition to helping get your financial affairs in order, moonlighting can also be a great way to work with different demographics and develop more skill sets with a full age range of patients. We recommend taking a few months to acclimate to your fellowship responsibilities and the lay of the land prior to beginning moonlighting. When and if you’re ready, your chiefs and others can provide you with information on moonlighting opportunities based on your interests, availability and geographic preferences.

Moonlighting opportunities exist at both internal and external sites. To participate, we are required to:

  • Maintain a high level of performance in the training program
  • Choose moonlighting activities within our scope of practice with appropriate oversight (i.e., private practice and practicing as a child psychiatrist are strongly discouraged)
  • Upload moonlighting application to MedHub for approval by Richards and GME
  • Moonlight only outside of work hours (for example, weekday evenings and weekends if in first year).
  • Moonlight only up to 4 hours during regular work hours (M-F, 8-5), evenings and weekends if in second year
  • Document all moonlighting hours in weekly duty hours reported on

The moonlighting application form can be found at:


Once completed, upload it to MedHub under the link on the left-hand side of your home page after logging in, where it says “Moonlighting Request Forms,” and follow the prompts to submit a “New Moonlighting Request.” Upon approval, you are ready to start! Remember to log those hours!

After December, CF1s will be available to moonlight at RR UCLA ED, where they will serve as an additional psychiatric consultant to help alleviate the case burden of the on-call residents. If you attended UCLA for residency, you are eligible for this opportunity in July, otherwise, this opportunity is available after getting comfortable with the system in December. Please note, these are for BOTH adult and child consults and the shift is from 4:00pm-11:00pm.