Purple Book

To dictate from an outside line: 1-310-794-2001

Dictation Services: x55831, x55959, 800-905-0084 (after hours)



  • From UCLA phone: dial #30, from home dial 1-310-794-2001
  • Enter your pager ID number followed by # (i.e. 12345#)
  • Enter location code
  • For ER or Ronald Reagan: 1# (Westwood)
  • For NPH inpatient units: 2# (NPH)
  • Enter document type:
    • For ER Psych Consults: 44# (outpatient consult)
    • For Ronald Reagan Consults: 4# (inpatient consult), 7# (inpatient progress note)
    • For NPI inpatient notes: 12# (inpatient H&P), 18# (inpatient discharge summary), 16# (inpatient progress note)
    • For NPI outpatient notes: 13# (outpatient H&P), 17# (outpatient progress note)
  • Enter patient’s 11-digit Clinical Serial Number (CSN).
  • Follow verbal instructions and then start
  • For initial H&Ps: Press * to mark dictation as “STAT.”
  • Press 5 when you are done and write down your dictation
  • Once your dictation is complete, you can edit it in CDS and then sign


IMPORTANT: Make sure to send your dictation to the attending of record as an addendum.


Basic Dictation Commands

Command Key
Pause 1
Record 2
Mark dictation as “STAT” *
5-second rewind 3
Go to end of dictation 44
Go to beginning of dictation 77
End dictation 5 (remember to record the dictation number)


Example dictation:

“This is an emergency room psychiatric consult for patient Sally Gane, CSN (11 digits), MRN (7 digits). Date of service: May 3rd, 2013. Next section. Chief complaint: “I’m sad.” Next section.”


Things you can tell the transcriptionist:

  • “Next line”; “New paragraph”; “Next ”
  • “Note to transcriptionist: at the end of the HPI, please add the following sentence:”…” OK, now let’s go back to the end of the Next section: past psych history, etc.”
  • When numbering lists, g. medical history: “number 1, diabetes, next line, number next, CAD,” etc.
  • “Please insert [Adult Psychiatry Review of Systems OR Adult Psychiatry Physical Exam Dictation Standard OR Adult Psychiatry Mental Status Exam Dictation Standard].” Generic text (outlined in templates above) will be automatically inserted into your dictation, which you may then edit verbally.


Dictation Templates:

You can also create your own dictation templates that can automatically be inserted into your dictation, such as a normal physical exam, basic mental status, etc. Type out the template and e-mail it to Leslie Wizan (lwizan@mednet.ucla.edu), who will give you further instructions.


NOTE: When utilizing dictation or Care Connect templates, take care to edit standardized texts as necessary to accurately document the patient encounter.


Dictation Problems: Email Leslie Wizan (lwizan@mednet.ucla.edu), with any dictation issues (i.e. wrong CSN / MRN, missing dictation, etc), or to request a separate instruction manual / command guide. Overnight or on weekends, call 1-800-905-0084 to ask for help with dictation issues.


Fluency Flex: Real-time dictation from your phone. Also email Leslie Wizan (lwizan@mednet.ucla.edu) to set this up.