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UCLA Child Psychiatry Leave Policies (Effective July 1, 2023)

Total leave days allowed: – 20 days of vacation per year (5 unused vacation days can be rolled over to the next year) – 12 days of sick leave per year, accrued at a rate of 1 sick day per month (all of these can be rolled over to second year if unused) – 8 weeks of parental leave (which do not need to be consecutive) – 5 days of conference leave (do NOT roll over) – 1 day of educational leave (Boards)

There are two ways to submit vacation/scheduled and urgent leave requests:


  • Before the academic year starts, fellows may submit vacation/leave requests prior to the deadline and receive advance program approval for the coming year. This assumes that the fellow will arrange for appropriate patient coverage and complete a verbal sign-out of patients prior to the leave.


  • After the deadline above, fellows must first request vacation/leave through Dulce Madrid (dvmadrid@mednet.ucla.edu) who will then check to make sure the request is in line with the guidelines.
  • If approved, Dulce will contact the clinics to block your schedule and notify you to confirm. Fellow is then responsible for arranging coverage of patients during the planned absence. Verbal sign-out of all patients must be completed.
  • If the request falls outside of the guidelines, Program Director approval will need to be obtained.

All leave requests must be approved by Dulce or Program Directors at least 6 weeks in advance of leave. Clinic schedules will not be blocked until Dulce or Program Director notification/approval has been granted.

Tips: Plan ahead! Get vacation approvals while you are still in the planning phase. Requests are not guaranteed until all approvals are obtained.

Child fellows who transferred from UCLA’s residency cannot carry over their unused vacation from the general program.

Taking vacation is strongly discouraged on the following days and requests for such dates require at least one month advance notice to the training program and special permission by the training directors:

  • PRITE exams
  • First and last weeks of each rotation
  • Fall and Spring Retreats

Vacation is contingent on all administrative follow-up (medical records, supervision logs, FPC paperwork, duty hours, evaluations etc.) being up to date.

NOTE: Fellows will not be compensated for vacation/scheduled leave without prior approval.

Maximum leave allowed (including vacation/conference/scheduled sick leave):

CF1: 2 wks/rotation CF2: Year-long clinics (PPC): 7 clinic days 6-month rotations (CAN, Anxiety, CHAMP, Hawkins, STAR): 4 clinic days Integrated Health, School, & Forensics: 1 day each NOTE: Absences that exceed these maximums may need to be made up, at the discretion of the rotation director and the program director.

NOTE: Vacation is not allowed more than 2 weeks consecutively (i.e., vacation three to four clinical Mondays in a row is not allowed)

NOTE: When leaving for vacation, make sure to sign out 1) your pager, 2) your voicemail with an updated message, and 3) your email with an away message!