Purple Book

Registration: Once the patient is deemed appropriate for FPC, the internal supervisor will sign the “FPC Attending Approval Form.” Fellows will then contact the patient/family to: (1) arrange for a regular weekly appointment time; and (2) obtain registration documents. Every year, all

new and continuing patients must submit two forms: (1) Declaration of Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities, and (2) Outpatient Terms and Conditions of Services. If therapy sessions are recorded, patients must also submit “FPC Videotape Consent Form.” All forms must be submitted to the FPC Program Coordinator (Mayra Guzman).

Scheduling: Fellows will email ACCESS (Psychcore@mednet.ucla.edu): the patient’s name, date of birth, contact information, and weekly appointment time. The ACCESS team will schedule the patient for a recurring appointment (e.g., every 4 months for CF1s, every 6 months for CF2s). On the appointment day, ACCESS will check in the patient. The fellow must notify ACCESS for any cancelations, no shows, or if the recurring visit time changes. All one-time rescheduling is managed by the fellow.