Purple Book

Through the psychiatry department each year, you receive $1200 in academic enrichment funds (AEFs) that will be automatically included in your check at the beginning of the work year. We suggest using these funds for educational materials such as books, computers, conference travel, etc.


Another way to obtain AEFs is to see overflow cases in the ER. If the ER is swamped, the on-call R3 will send out a mass email alerting residents and child fellows for the need for assistance. For each adult case seen in the ED in this context, you earn $200 in AEFs, and $250 for each child case.


In response to concerns about the high cost of living in West Los Angeles, all residents and fellows receive a $12,000 taxable housing stipend each year (in the form of a $1000 stipend each month, paid as wages and subject to being taxed).