Purple Book

Brief Overview of UCLA Inpatient Child and Adolescent Units

  • 4 West “A” Unit (7 beds): Primarily admits patients with eating disorders and depression/anxiety. Tends to be better for “internalizing” adolescents. Has more groups. Admissions to this unit for eating disorders are generally pre-arranged and scheduled as direct admissions through the ER.
  • 4 West “B” Unit (10 beds): Highest acuity unit for children and adolescents. Adolescents will be generally admitted here, as well as occasionally younger children with acute agitation, behavioral problems, or those generally requiring intense supervision or behavioral modification. Handles all diagnoses. Tends to be for more “externalizing” disorders.
  • 4 West “C” Unit (8 beds): Younger children (usually < 12 years old) are generally admitted here. Handles all diagnoses. Also takes backup or overflow unit for the other units.

New Inpatient Team Structure
There are two teams on the inpatient unit that cover patients on all 3 units. Each team is directed
by a psychiatry attending and has a mix of fellows, residents, interns, and medical students. As a
fellow, aside from our role as case coordinators,