Purple Book

  • Inform the patient and family of intended discharge date and time.
  • Inform outpatient providers (therapist and psychiatrist) about discharge
  • Medications:
    • E-prescribe medications to preferred pharmacy using Discharge Orders section
    • Leave triplicates for stimulants with nursing staff if unable to e-prescribe
    • For Medi-Cal patients, call patient’s pharmacy as soon as you have discharge meds determined. Some medications need a prior authorization. Pharmacy does this but you need to give them an ICD-10 code for diagnosis and prior medication trial information. Prior authorization takes 72 hours at a minimum. (SW can provide more details about this).

Discharge Orders:

  • Click on “Discharge Orders” link under Discharge tab.
  • Click the grey “Pharmacy” button above the medications to identify preferred pharmacy for e-prescription
  • Choose which medications you will be prescribing or discontinuing. Include the indication for all medications you prescribe. Click “Next” at bottom of screen.
  • Under “Order Sets and Pathways”, type in “Discharge” and select the appropriate set
  • Of the many checkboxes, fill out the “Discharge patient”, “Diet/Nutrition” and “Code Measures Compliance” sections with appropriate details.
  • Click “Review and Sign” to finish the process
  • Fill out the MD Aftercare Plan (also known as AVS) link under the Discharge tab.
  • SW will delineate all follow-up appointments and any special discharge instructions
  • If patient is on a hold that has been initiated at UCLA, the attending must discontinue it in CareConnect. Page them at the time of discharge to d/c the hold.
  • UCLA pharmacy can provide a free 3-day supply of meds, if they have them in stock.

Call NPH pharmacy at x77425 to speak with pharmacist to start this process. Follow their instructions.