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Doctor, don’t neglect yourself! Take advantage of our UCLA health benefits and wellness initiatives and keep your healthcare up to date. Follow up on the information below to make sure you’re plugged in, and for a general review of your health care benefits, visit: https://www.ucresidentbenefits.com/ucla/medical

Health Care Coverage

You are enrolled under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, with preference given to in-network UCLA providers for all services. There is no deductible for care received within UCLA, although there are copayments for certain doctors’ visits. Outside of California, while traveling, you are covered through the “BlueCard Program,” which includes 92% of US doctors and 96% of US hospitals. Our plan also provides access to a 24/7 nurseline, videochat with doctors, and covered urgent care centers. To find a covered physician, follow directions through the link above to search covered providers. You can also look at UCLA websites directly to find doctors in specific specialties, including psychiatry.

Prescription Coverage

Prescriptions are generally cheaper, or no cost, if picked up through a UCLA pharmacy. We recommend transferring current prescriptions to the UCLA pharmacy and having new prescriptions called into UCLA if possible. 90-day supply is available through mail order, but also through UCLA pharmacies directly. There are 3 outpatient UCLA pharmacies on the Westwood campus:

  • 200 Medical Plaza, 1st M- F, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, 310-206-3784, press 1
  • 200 Medical Plaza, 4th Floor, M – F, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, 310-206-3784, press 3
  • Ronald Reagan, B Level Room 140, M – F, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm; Sat 8:00 am to 7:00 pm; Sun, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, 310-206-3784, press 2


Dental Coverage


Don’t wait for the ID card from Delta Dental to come! Because it won’t. Turns out, all you have to do is go to https://www.deltadentalins.com/, and you’ll be able to log in using your DOB and SSN. Your UCLA accounts should load automatically, and then you can scroll through covered dentists nearby. For more information, see:



Vision Coverage

Same deal here. No ID card needed! Just go to https://new.vsp.com/ and create an account using your basic identifiers. Eye exams, glasses, and contacts are covered with variable co-pays.


Additional Mental Health Resources


  • The Behavioral Wellness Center (BHC) serves medical students, graduate students, residents and fellows at UCLA to provide short-term psychiatric consultation or psychotherapy. There are no co-pays and clinicians will help to connect fellows to community resources following short-term Of note, several of the psychiatrists on staff are also UCLA child psychiatry faculty, however several others are not affiliated with the program. You can request an appointment online at: https://medschool.ucla.edu/bwc, via email at bwc@mednet.ucla.edu, or you can reach the office at (310) 825-9605 from 8AM – 5PM. Clinicians are available for early morning, daytime and evening sessions.


  • Now offered for UCLA residents, Ginger is a behavioral health service that works only with resident/fellow physicians and other healthcare workers. Ginger provides:
    • Therapists who are experts on the field and have worked with hundreds of trainees in the past.
    • Very flexible hours, with more than 80% of sessions held on nights and
    • Sessions covered by insurance
    • Connect with a therapist within 24 hours via: https://www.ginger.com/