Purple Book

Potential patients come from a variety of sources (i.e., faculty referrals, other rotations, etc.). They are generally ages 3-18 with any type of diagnosis and should be appropriate for outpatient care on a weekly basis with low risk for acute crises. Fellows will be matched with patients from the waitlist or can request to be matched with a specific patient from a different source. Once a patient has been assigned, fellows will contact the patient/family to perform a brief assessment over the phone. They will then staff the patient with their internal supervisor, who will deem whether the case is acceptable for FPC. (Internal supervisors may, if necessary, speak to or meet the patient/family to determine suitability for FPC.) Fellows must start their cases by September 1st. If a fellow is unable to work with a patient (e.g., due to termination, lack of contact, or any other reason), they must notify the FPC Chief and Director.