Purple Book

Your office is the best private pumping space. Having said that, if you are looking for a

designated pumping room, one exists, though it is in the Access area on the first floor and with many people walking by (I don’t know about you, but this noise and the fear of someone coming in – despite locking the doors – is problematic). Your office is best.

There is a refrigerator you can use in 300 Medical Plaza, Room 1190 (code is 59989#). It is on the other side of the 1st floor from the fellows’ offices. So, you walk in the front doors of 300 and instead of going right towards your office (right past the elevators), you take a left through that corridor. You keep walking and, before you enter the office areas in the back, you make a left and you will find a large refrigerator available to you.

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing your own mini fridge as others have done in the past.

There are lactation rooms in Reagan, CHS, Geffen, and the Jules Stein Building. The House Staff Lounge just across from the lower level call room suite has a refrigerator earmarked specifically for breast milk. There may be other locations with available breast milk storage, but this one is trainee-specific provided by GME.

The Human Resources website has an interactive map and additional information as well: https://www.chr.ucla.edu/benefits/support-nursing-mothers-at-work