Purple Book

Each class has its own process group, moderated by a clinical faculty member. These groups are voluntary, but highly encouraged. For those who haven’t engaged in a process group before, it involves a weekly group of those from the same child psychiatry fellowship class, who meet for the common purpose of sharing their struggles, concerns, and joys within a safe and supportive environment, with the leadership of a trained therapist. Its uniqueness lies in the development of the group as its own entity and the opportunity to receive multiple perspectives with support, encouragement, and feedback, as well as to learn about group therapy experientially.

First Year Process Group:

  • When: Thursdays 11:30-12:30pm (First day TBD)
  • Where: TBD (room in Semel)


Second Year Process Group:

  • When: To be arranged between class and process group leader
  • Where:TBD (room in Semel)