Purple Book

We are each assigned an individual office for our daily personal and clinical use. First year
fellows have offices in Semel, and most second year fellows have offices in the 300 Medical
Plaza building. Office assignments will be distributed at orientation.

Each office should be outfitted with:
1 computer and 1 printer with accessories
1 desk with storage space and a lockable cabinet
1 office chair
2 matching side chairs
1 landline phone

Each office should also have clean carpets and relatively fresh paint.

For any concerns regarding Semel office space, please contact Dulce at
DVMadrid@mednet.ucla.edu. She may then refer you to be in contact with someone from the
Semel NPI Space Planning and Facility Management coordinator, Efrain Solares, located at
C9-402, and reachable at ESolares@mednet.ucla.edu.

For all fellows, our mailing address is:
UCLA Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program
760 Westwood Plaza, C8-193
Los Angeles, CA 90024