Purple Book

You’re on call tonight – but you’re sick! It happens. First, feel better. Second, reach out right away using the steps below:

  1. Blast your class to see who might be able to cover you. If someone is able and willing to step in, you will arrange between yourselves a reciprocal call, where you cover one of their calls in return.
  2. If you are getting down to the wire and no arrangement has been made, email Dulce and the chiefs for help. If it is already after 12PM when you start looking for coverage, include Dulce and the chiefs with the initial email you send out. If required, they will call in an alternate fellow to cover the shift. You and the alternate fellow will then arrange reciprocal call coverage.
  3. If there are concerns about repeated missed shifts, the administration may consider alternate reciprocal coverage plans, such as needing to cover 2 shifts versus 1 for your covering fellow. Hopefully, however, this will be a non-starter! We all have extenuating circumstances arrive sometimes, and that’s exactly what backup systems are for.