Purple Book

Fellows are expected to track all patients they are following in their clinics. The easiest way to do this is to create and maintain a Patient List in CareConnect for each clinic. When you see a new patient in clinic, add him/her/them to the appropriate list.


To create a Patient List in CareConnect, follow these steps:

  1. Log into CareConnect
  2. Click on the “Patient Lists” tab (yellow icon) or click “Epic” button → Patient Care → Patient Lists
  3. Click “Edit List” then “Create My List”
  4. Give your list a name (ex PPC Patients)
  5. Add relevant “Columns” – include Patient Name, DOB, MRN
  6. Click “Accept”
  7. Now this list should show up under your “Patient Lists”
  8. To add a patient, click on “Add Patient,” then search by Name or MRN, then click “Select.”


Clinic Sign Outs/Hand Offs

Approximately one month before the end of the rotation, you will submit a list of all clinic patients to the clinic director or coordinator for case assignments to be made to the next fellow. You are responsible for providing verbal sign out to the incoming fellow. Please pay particular attention to complex/unstable cases and aggressive patients who may require safety precautions (for example, patients you only see in the conference rooms and not your office). If you have any questions about hand-offs, please consult with the clinic director. Each clinic will give direct instructions for this process when the time comes.